Sydney ranked sixth in Globe Shopper Index

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Recently we checked out the Globe Shopper Index – its where cities are ranked by their quality in shopping, based on five categories that include affordability, convenience, hotels and transport (for visitors to those cities), culture and climate. Of 25 Asia-Pacific cities to feature in the list, Sydney can proudly boast that it’s sitting pretty at number six.

All the other cities in the top 10 cities for the Asia-Pacific region happen to be in Asia, in fact, with Sydney having beaten even Bangkok and Tokyo on the shopping front, and positioned just a few points behind Singapore.

Strange, then, that the last time we trekked down Oxford Street, Paddington, we noticed so many of our favourite stores had closed shop. Must be all those pop-up shops that have contributed to the shopping economy…

So who was on top? Hong Kong, of course, the city whose stores, it seems, never close.