Special Offer for Cream Readers from Virgin Travel Insurance

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Recently, I drew up a list of all the wonderful adventures I’d had on various holidays. From parasailing in Thailand to zip-lining in Fiji, castle-hopping in the English countryside to kayaking in the Whitsundays, hot-air ballooning in the Hunter Valley to fly-fishing in Wales, and sub-scootering in Mauritius to safari-ing in South Africa. In fact, I think I’ve ticked more boxes than those on my original bucket list. 

But enough bragging.

To be fair, I then tried to recall mishaps that had occurred on vacation but couldn’t think of any right away (the negative stuff always locks itself away to the back of my mind). After some thought (and hesitantly prying open those mental folders) I remembered the time I’d had cash stolen from a hotel room in Bali, lost a credit card in a Las Vegas casino, and was crammed in a shuttle bus that almost tipped over a dodgy ditch in Delhi. And those are just a couple of my misfortunes. Suddenly a flood of memories returned about friends who’d had unfortunate things happen to them while away: the girlfriend whose car ended up upside down on the edge of a cliff in Rimini; the mate who was pick-pocketed in Paris; and the buddy who broke his leg skiing in New Zealand. 

Suffice to say, while we all love to recall great adventures of our travels both domestic and abroad (it’s the stuff of camp fire conversations and Facebook boasting alike), there’s a lot of crap that goes down that we choose not to remember so readily. But we’ve got to admit it, crap happens.

Fortunately, there’s a travel insurance company that takes the worry and some of the sting out of those inevitable mishaps. Virgin Travel Insurance provides peace of mind for travellers on both domestic and international trips, and,despite its very familiar name, they look after you regardless of which airline you fly with. 

There’s affordable cover to help solve all manner of holiday dramas: from flight cancellations to lost luggage, misplacement of travel documents to theft of cash, and accidents to assisting with overseas medical bills. Heck, they even provide 24/7 overseas emergency medical assistance that includes access to a specialist team of doctors, registered nurses and support staff. Now that’s special treatment.

Whether you’re travelling on your own, with family, or with friends – on a short domestic trip or a long overseas adventure – there’s a cover option to suit every travel need. 

For a travel insurance quote, click here. And as a special offer to Cream readers, enter the Promo Code ‘LUCKY’ before payment on your next Virgin Travel Insurance purchase for your 5% discount. This promo code cannot be used with any other discounts and expires 31 March 2013.