Naughty Tame Impala video flirts with notions of drug-taking and underage sex

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As if scooping the top spot in stacks of best-of lists by the end of last year wasn’t enough exposure for Perth outfit Tame Impala, this week they’re causing a splash with the release of a video clip for new single Mind Mischief.

Like its title might suggest, the song is about the sexual fantasies that run through our minds (some say a hundred times a day, but who can keep count?). Anyway, the clip hones in on one particular fantasy by a schoolboy whose crush on his leggy teacher leads to a dream of shacking up in a car with her, sharing a joint and getting it on.

The video then morphs into animation (just in time, before things get too racy) – a trippy montage that harks back to the Beatles at their psychedelic best.

Sure, critics will argue that the suggestions of illicit drug use and – well, we’re going to say it – paedophilia in the clip are just cheap rock’n’rollers’ shots for attention. To that we’d argue three things: what school kid hasn’t had a fantasy about one of their teachers? Secondly, isn’t fantasy just that – a figment of the imagination and not to be taken as real? And thirdly, the Impalas’ music is so darn good, they don’t really need to deliver cheap shots for their music to stand out, although at nearing 175,000 views on Youtube within just six days, the video has certainly not gone unnoticed.

To view the video for Mind Mischief, click on the still image above.

Mind Mischief and the album Lonerism are out through Modular / Universal Music.