10 Reasons Why This Year’s Oscars Were Really Rather Spooky…

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01. Most of the male actors had bouffant hair and spiky beards that looked eerily like Daniel Day Lewis’ in Lincoln while Day Lewis sported a punkish style akin to Hugh Jackman’s in Les Mis.

02. After Day Lewis’ quip about Meryl Streep possibly playing Lincoln you realised she’d actually do an award-winning job of it, and that, for Meryl, it would all seem very normal.

03. The entire cast of a musical got up to sing a medley of songs even after their lack of vocal talents had been the most critiqued element of that massive movie and still a third of them got the notes wrong.

04. You just knew Jennifer Lawrence could trip over in that OTT Bombolina dress but didn’t think she actually would.

05. Renee Zellweger’s face. And girl, if them were prescription drugs you swallowed before the show, slow down on the pill-popping.

06. Adele’s otherwise powerhouse vocals being drowned out by the orchestra not once but twice, and yet her Bond theme winning Best Song.

07. For an awards ceremony that usually pays tribute to high-brow cinema, there was a heck of a lot of musicals and comedies in them nominations and performances.

08. Barbra Streisand and Jane Fonda looking twice as young as some of the actors half their age.

09. Michelle Obama announcing the award for Best Picture and – what? – no presidential biopic or anti-terrorist flick to claim the title?

10. Ben Affleck’s blubbering closing speech – for a man otherwise gifted in writing, directing and, well, on occasion, acting.