An app to help get the ball rolling for your next romantic getaway

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Ever needed to hint to your loved one that a little more romance wouldn’t go astray? Do you feel as though it’s only a couple of times a year – if you’re lucky – that your Romeo or Juliet does something very spesh for you?

Then take advantage of a new app from boutique hotel recommendation experts, Mr & Mrs Smith. Via Facebook, the nifty little app lets you send a gentle reminder/unambiguous command to your dearly beloved, either to their timeline or as a private message.

Simply choose a hint (or write your own prose if you’d prefer), pick a suitably spectacular image, and hit send. He or she ought to get the message soon enough.

To try it now, click here.  We can’t promise that a romantic destination booking will actually be made by your other half, but at least it sends them in the right direction and gets them thinking of special accommodation ahead!