Future Classics deliver an impressive array of electronica at Perth International Arts Festival

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Few record labels still press vinyl. Few deserve to, come to think of it. But Future Classics, the Sydney-based but universally renowned label is proud to still be making records the old-school way. Of course, it also delivers its compilations in CD format, and if you search the net hard, you’ll find some very special Future Classics mixes to be had.

But here’s something that was truly fresh for us: seeing a handful of key Future Classics artists perform live on the same stage. Last Saturday night, as part of the Perth International Arts Festival, the Chevron Festival Gardens proved the perfect spot to hear a variety of their brilliant electronic acts.

Outfits who delivered the coolest of underground beats and some very smooth vocals included Flight Facilities, the Aussie duo combining trippy electro-pop with lounge-y piano; Panama, with their firm nod to ’80s world synth music; Mitzi (who, ironically, we heard being played on Triple J on our way to this gig); Scenic, one of Perth’s finest purveyors of chill soundtracks; along with a couple of trusty Future Classics DJs.

What really surprised us at this event was the quality of the engineering across the board. Because of the lack of ‘competing beats next door’ that you might get when attending other outdoor festivals (like the Big Day Out or, indeed, forthcoming Future Music), each act here had the blessing of being heard in their own right: clear as day and with excellent acoustics.

We just wish there was a bar somewhere within those makeshift walls – so that we didn’t have to keep missing out on quality tunes to exit and get our top-ups of Chardy.


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