Liptons get in on the bevvy-mashing action

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The time of the day for the event appeared a little odd upon first sighting: 1pm on a hot Saturday. But then, given this was Lipton Ice Tea hosting a soiree to promote its Virgin Cocktails, and with it arriving connotations of high tea during a hot, hot summer, the timing couldn’t be more right.

Indeed, Lipton Ice Tea has just released three cleverly cocktail-connotating products in Daiquiri, Mojito and Pina Colada flavours, hosting a trail of launch parties across the country in the coolest of cocktail venues.

What this told us is that: (a) Lipton is moving its branding away from the fuddy-duddy, old-school, Nanna-drinking image it used to possess, and (b) really, these drinks deserve an injection of alcohol to live up to their name and make them taste even more glorious to sup. But, alas, the company is not allowed to inject the good stuff into its product since most of the outlets it’s sold in don’t possess alcohol-selling licenses.

So here’s what we suggest. Stock your  fridge up with a variety of these nifty ice tea beverages; have a few trusty alcoholic cocktail ingredients at hand – like lots of variations of rum; and invite some friends over for a get-together that’ll come across like a high-tea-meets-cocktail-soiree.

It’ll be well-remembered, if only for the fact that your Lipton mixed creations are a far cry more exciting than boring beer and dry wines. 

And how’s this for interesting flavour? The Lipton Daiquiri is an exotic combination of tea, strawberry and dragonfruit; the Mojito mixes green tea with mint and lime; while the Pina Colada is a glorious collision of tea, pineapple and coconut.

Mmmmmm, pour us another couple, thanks.