Special K times two: Kate Moss for Kérastase

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When it comes to putting their face to big brands, supermodels are very careful with which to choose. The wrong brand can give a very wrong impression and ruin the career that has taken so many years to cultivate. In Kate Moss’s case, a couple of decades.

So when Moss said yes to being the new muse for haircare specialists Kérastase recently, she ensured she did her homework.

Sure enough, Kérastase is recognised as one of the world’s most reputable luxury haircare brands, strongly recommended by many salons.

To kick off the Kate Moss / Kérastase connection, session stylist Luigi Murenu and photographer Solve Sundbo are currently working on a drop-dead gorgeous campaign. Enjoy these shots from on-set.


For more information about Kérastase products, visit www.kerastase.com or click on the image below.