The man who took the ‘E’ crown from Ryan Seacrest – introducing E! News’ Terrence Jenkins

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Fresh E! News co-host Terrence Jenkins agrees that taking over the highly coveted spot from renowned presenter Ryan Seacrest is a major task.


“They’re certainly big shoes to fill and I’ve got a lot of work to do,” says the all-round entertainer himself, on the phone from LA to Australia.


Indeed, Jenkins is going to be kept twice as busy this year, balancing his new TV presenter gig with regular work in the world of film. Later in 2013, we’ll see him in two big-screen features – Baggage Claim (alongside Paula Patton and Derek Luke) and Battle Of The Year (with Chris Brown, Josh Holloway and Josh Peck), and he can proudly add these flicks to an already impressive list of celluloid gems that includes Burlesque (he played Cher’s entrusted club DJ), Sparkle, Stomp The Yard, and Think Like A Man.


Beginning his career as a soul radio DJ, Terrence then won an audition to host popular US music video program Bets 106 & Park. He is currently balancing co-hosting for  E! News and more movie duties with also presenting TNT’s The Crown Life, a show that again peeks into the lives of celebrities, but looks more-so at their luxury living and less at their downfalls and dramas.


Terrence agrees there’s a certain degree of hype involved when first delivering a celebrity scoop (“there’s a bit of talking up”) but insists that the truth always comes out in the wash. With so much entertainment reportage required of him, does he ever get overwhelmed by celebrity information? After all, how much day-to-day data on the Kardashians can one man take? At this he laughs, being good friends with the K girls and having appeared in a couple of their shows. 


“It can get overwhelming because I got to be thinking about what’s going on in the entertainment industry 24/7 but you know what, it’s not that I have to research everything myself. For some of the facts we have a great team of producers who fill us in – which we’re very grateful for.”


So, when he’s broken a story during the day, then meets up with friends at night, does he partake in even more celebrity chit-chat over drinks like the rest of us might?


“I still like to chat about what’s going on in the entertainment world when I’m with friends. I wouldn’t call it gossiping. It’s like, if a celebrity is having a health issue or if something real is going down, we might talk about it over dinner or drinks.”



It seems the entertainment bug was always in Terrence. Way before taking up serious studies in journalism and acting, as a kid in Queens he would often put on a show for his pals.


“I was always doing something in the way of performance as a kid. Putting on shows, making the other kids laugh. Put it this way, I was very much the class clown.”


Class clown, indeed. Show me a man who can DJ on radio, act on film, present pop gossip on television, even hard-hitting news on occasion – and all the while look like a supermodel who needn’t do any of the above – and then see who’s laughing.


On that model note, Terrence has been dubbed the best-dressed man on TV, a tag even he agrees is difficult to constantly live up to.


“I like to keep a nice wardrobe; lots of European suits. But it does get hard because you dress sharp one time and then you have to keep it up and can’t slack off the next time.”


Mate, we’re sure you’d look good even in a pair of tracky-dacks ducking down the shop to buy a pint of milk.



You can catch Terrence Jenkins (or Terrence J as he often likes to be called) when he co-hosts E! News nightly with Giuliana Rancic.

Photography by Timothy White.