Wear a vintage tee for an eco (and charitable) cause

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We love our retro fashion, and no fashion statement is more powerful than a slogan vintage t-shirt. But not all vintage tees are bold and in-yer-face. Some are cutesy (remember the Unicorn-print tees you’d wear as a kid?); others utterly camp.

Whatever retro tee you might still have in your wardrobe and, hoping it fits, drag it out again for next Friday 22 March, Australia’s largest charity recycler, Salvos Stores, will be hosting the country’s first every Vintage Tee Day, designed to promote and support sustainable fashion by encouraging folks to wear a vintage or secondhand t-shirt.

Did you know that it takes it takes 2,700 litres of dyed liquid to produce just one cotton t-shirt? Certainly, then, there’s sense in reducing our carbon footprints by going a little retro.

Says Salvos Stores CEO, Allen Dewhirst, “We are extremely passionate about educating people on the importance of recycling and just how much their small involvement can help the environment.”

And we also know how much cooler vintage tees make just about anybody look… 

Feel free to post your photos wearing second hand/ vintage tees on Salvos Stores’ Facebook page: www.facebook.com/salvosstores