Cool cards for special occasions

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Now that most of us are writing less and less, and instead shooting off a quick email, text message or Facebook post to wish somebody well on a special occasion, we see fewer greeting cards being exchanged.

Lucky for card manufacturers there are some souls left who appreciate the old-fashioned hardcopy card-receiving gesture – including our Mums. But that doesn’t mean we have to go all Hallmark on the special women who brought us into this world. So cool stationery outlet, The Card Shop, is proud to announce the release of a hip selection of Mother’s Day cards, like the one above.

The Card Shop caters to all occasions and is proud to say all its cards are printed locally on recycled stock, ranging from $4.95 to $5.95 (or three cards for $12).

The retail outlet in Warringah Mall, Brookvale, NSW is the first to open this month and the owners are looking forward to an online store and further outlets launching soon.