Facebook gets another facelift

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Once again Facebook is going through some major navigational and aesthetic changes. This week, the world’s most popular social networking site has revealed a streamlined News Feed so that it appears consistent across various devices, from PC to tablet to mobile phone. The ‘new’ News Feed also allows users to ‘drill’ into specific content-type feeds, while offering larger images – the latter most likely a move due to the increase in popularity of image-based sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Videos appear larger too. And, if multiple friends share the same post, you’ll see their faces to the left of that post.

Says Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, about the changes, “At a personal level we built a service that lets you see and feel the people and friends you care about. What we’re trying to do is give everyone in the world the best personalised newspaper. It should have quality public content from friends. It should have a front page and it should let you drill down into any topic you want. It should be visual, rich and engaging. It should be displayed with more than just text.

“From the beginning our goal with news feed was different than what any service was trying to provide. You should be able to share any type of content you want… and with any audience you want. The types you tell with photos are totally different.”

Zuckerberg added that since we pretty much all have cameras in our pockets (ie: on our mobile phones), news feed has become primarily about visual content, admitting that almost 50 percent of content in the news feed is visual.

Facebook is also trying to improve surface trending content. For example, if you Like a particular celebrity – say, Rihanna – you’ll see ‘Recent Articles About Rihanna’ arriving from various recent news sources.

If you’ve not noticed these changes on your Facebook page yet, fear not. They’re being rolled out gradually so that the site’s producers can analyse feedback about what’s working and what’s not.