Madonna makes a billion in a year

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While critics may have panned Madonna for ‘selling out’ when she gave away copies of her MDNA album last year for fans who purchased hefty-priced tickets to her tour (apparently to “boost sales”), you’ve got to hand it to the gal for possessing brilliant business nous – otherwise, how else would she have made it to the top of 2012’s list of wealthiest music entertainers?

The Material Girl boasted a total of gross earnings of $US301 million in ticket sales from her record-breaking MDNA world tour alone. The concerts also raked in over $US75 million in merchandise sales, and $US10 million in TV and video rights.

Add to this shrewd investments with beverage brands (egs: Smirnoff Vodka and Vita Coco Coconut Water), takings from her chain of ‘Hard Candy’ gymnasiums, profits from her Truth Or Dare fragrance and Material Girl fashion range, plus the rest of those CD and download sales, and Ms M pocketed over a billion dollars within 12 months.

It kinda makes Adele’s $US32 million in earnings look like chicken feed, really…

On the music front, rumour online has it that Madge is already working on a new album for release in 2013, with the sound harking back to her roots.