Mr Brainwash creating and selling spray can art – literally

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Paris-born, LA-based street artist Mr Brainwash (aka: Thierry Guetta) has delivered a playful juxtaposition of cultural idols ranging from Einstein and The Beatles, to Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson, to Kate Moss and Madonna (indeed he was paid by Madge to design her Celebration album cover).

Brainwash also likes to deconstruct his own tools of the trade. This time he’s fooled around with the humble spray can.

The ‘Spray Can’ series sees iron cans printed with an original Brainwash label, but empty inside. Each can is hand-finished with spray paint (post-mod and surreal, we know) and the series features 10 different colours plus two special editions in silver and gold.

Each colour is an edition of 700 (cost $100 each); each silver in an edition of 75 ($350 each) and each gold in an edition of 50 ($500 each).

If you’d like to purchase one (remember, silver and gold are very limited), visit Available from Thursday 11 April at 12PST.