Miracle haircare for men

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A guy needn’t lose his hair about… well, losing his hair. Especially thanks to regular new additions to the Redken For Men range.

Formulated to boost higher density of thinning hair for men, the Full Impact Bodifying Shampoo contains ‘Thick-Lift Technology’ to help pump up fine hair. In scientific-speak, what it actually is, is something called Intra-Cylane technology – where molecules that have the power to ‘auto-expand’ leave the hair looking and feeling thicker. Meanwhile, the inclusion of proteins help reinforce the hair to give it even more volume and body.

I can vouch for the product, since I used to regularly use the Redken Densify Shampoo (also from the ‘For Men’ range) and it did a great job of adding volume and texture to my locks. But when I switched to another brand of shampoo that didn’t have thickening properties, I found my curls went back to a lifeless, thinner state. Since then I’ve shifted back to Redken’s range for guys, have tried the Full Impact shampoo and even began using the Cool Finish conditioner again (excellent as it only needs to stay in for a minute before rinsing) and, let me tell you, the hair has gained volume again.

For an even more roughed-up, out-of-bed texture, a guy might like to finish off with a dab of Firm Grasp Texturizing Clay – giving maximum control that’s long-lasting. 


Pictured above, left to right, Clean Brew Extra-Cleansing Shampoo 250ml, RRP $21.50; Full Impact Bodifying Shampoo 300ml, RRP $25.50; Cool Finish Invigorating Conditioner, and Firm Grasp Texturizing Clay 100ml, RRP $34.50.

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