ARIA celebrates 30 years of chart releases today

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If you grew up in the 1980s you might find the chart above fairly familiar. For those who didn’t consider leg warmers or skinny chequered ties a fashion statement, it is in fact a copy of the good ol’ Countdown ARIA Top 40 chart which used to come out weekly, complete with the lyrics to then-recently released songs on the back.

Why are we publishing this vintage pic from the annals of Aussie music? Well the ARIA chart turned 30 today, and to celebrate, the Australian Recording Industry Association (that’s what it stands for, donchaknow!) has released some interesting stats. Such as:

  • In all its 30 years, the longest running single in the number one spot was Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise (13 weeks in the top position).


  • Dire Straits’ Brothers In Arms proved to be the longest running #1 album (a massive 34 weeks) followed by Adele’s 21 (31 weeks).


  • The first chart, issued on July 10, 1983 (like we said, three decades ago today) saw Bonnie Tyler holding the number one single with Total Eclipse Of The Heart.


  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the then number one album.


  • Of homegrown albums, the longest run at the top has been Delta Goodrem’s Innocent Eyes (29 weeks) followed by John Farnham’s Whispering Jack (25 weeks), Savage Garden’s self-titled LP (19 weeks), Icehouse’s Man Of Colours (11), and the Australian cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar (10) equalling Crowded House’s Recurring Dream’s run.


  • U2 have enjoyed the most amount number one albums in Australia (11 of them), followed by Madonna (10), Jimmy Barnes (9), Bon Jovi ( 9) and John Farnham (8).


  • And Madge has revelled in winning the most number of weeks at the top of the singles charts (38 weeks), followed by Kylie Minogue (30), Black Eyed Peas (30), Rihanna (29) and Eminem (27).


ARIA have consistently collected their data from 1200 retailers and music service partners. But, oh how times have changed, since most of those ‘partners’ have merged into one.