Interview with triple j DJ Nina Las Vegas

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Every Saturday night from 6pm, triple j presents its House Party show, one of the most popular alternative dance radio shows in the country. Spinning the newest sounds for House Party is fabulous DJ, Nina Las Vegas. The Js have just released the second in the House Party compilation series, again this one mixed by Ms Nina and seeing her segue the brilliant likes of Empire Of The Sun, The Bloody Beetroots, Tame Impala, The Presets and more all onto a value double-disc set. Antonino Tati gets some mixing tips from one of Australia’s coolest mix mistresses.



Wow, what an eclectic mix on the second triple j House Party compilation. Have you always appreciated a whole variety of music genres, and which ones do you love the most?

When you work in music broadcasting, it’s really important to stay openminded. Having said that, I’m generally open to a lot of music. If something is not quite for me, I like the tune because of the way it makes other people feel. I can see the reaction from the audience, and often that is more exciting than my own feelings towards a track, which is why I’ll play it. I believe that the best music is made for people, not a person. I like that attitude and that’s why I enjoy mixing between sounds on my radio show. I like that I can program Australian hip-hop, into something on the dubstep tip, into a classic rock joint. And I tried to replicate this notion when putting together the playlist for the House Party compilations.


I trust the music is beat-mixed by you? If so, what medium did you use: vinyl, CDJ or MP3?

Yep, I mixed it! For this kind of production I use a program called Ableton, which is how I mix my weekly radio show. When I DJ, I switch between Serato (which is an MP3 format) and USBs, however I always carry CDs as a third backup!


Which format do you prefer to use when you’re DJ-ing ‘live’?

If I was the most organised person in the world, I’d carry everything on a USB / flash drive. I still really enjoy Serato with CDJs, as I love how the program can enhance your performance. I’m a tech nut, so I love getting all nerdy with Serato.


There are some great remixes being done by bedroom boffins and posted online. Is editing software like Adobe’s Audition a good start for a budding DJ / remixer / producer? What are its pros and cons?

Well, I learnt Abelton first. I like its looping ability to help stimulate productivity. It’s also software, so you don’t need a soundcard to get started. Having said that, Garage Band is always worth trying straight up! You have to know if sitting with the same piece of audio for hours on end is something you can do! If you then decide you want to make music on your computer, I’d suggest getting lessons. These programs are huge and work better when you understand them.


Who is your dream artist to remix and why?

Kanye. He’d be fussy and I would obviously have to hang out with him to get it right, yeah? He’d then discover I was from Armenian/Egyptian heritage, which he likes (hello Kim Kardashian), and then we’d get married. 


Triple j House Party Volume 2 is out now through ABC / Universal Music.