The art of good coffee… and the coffee in good art

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These days, you don’t just go out and expect a cup of coffee when you ask for a cappuccino or a latte. You expect a work of art. Baristas have been trained to not only create the perfect cup of liquid caffeine but to present it splendidly.

Now, one brand is taking the coffee/art connection one step further, with Nespresso challenging Australian artists to with creating original artworks made entirely from sustainable materials – including Nespresso coffee capsules – as part of a new initiative called ‘Project Upcycle’.

West Australian sculptor, Sean E Avery, for example, created the stunning Pangolin, pictured above and below, made mostly of purple and gold Nespresso capsules, but looking more like a genuinely taxidermed version of the scaly mammal indeed!

“As an environmental designer, I use my work to make the dull, delightful,” tells Avery. “I love the idea of deconstructing everyday items and reconstructing them into inspiring, eye-catching forms.”

Other commissioned ‘Project Upcycle’ ambassadors include fashion designers Ellie Mucke (VIC) and Alice Sutton (ACT), eyewear designers Holloway Eyewear (QLD), eco-jeweller Katrina Freene (SA), and environmental artist John Dahlsen (NSW).

All of the artworks will be donated to the artist or designer’s charity of choice after the project, but for now they can be viewed in Nespresso boutiques in individual capital cities.

For locations and more information on ‘Project Upcycle’, visit www.nespresso/ecolaboration or click on the image below.