‘Lolito’ ventures into risky cougar-and-junior territory

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When it comes to general relationship politics, goodness have the tables turned. You might recall the classic Stanley Kubrick film Lolita, in which a lolly-pop sucking minor (the Lolita in title) seduces a man twice her age. Now comes Ben Brook’s Lolito, the story of a young guy who gets into a full-on relationship with a woman not twice, but three times his age.

The pair meet on the internet – as is the usual medium for such unconventional relationships, after the geekily-named Etgar is betrayed by his first love Alice and forced to go shopping online for lurve.

There he meets Macy, an attractive but bored housewife who shows him a thing or two that only a cougar can.
Hilarious, fearless and utterly outrageous, Lolito is a truly twenty-first century love story. So intense, that Nick Cave has dubbed it “the funniest, most horrible book I’ve read in years”.

Lolito is published through Canongate / Allen & Unwin, RRP $27.99.