Helping strip away those wrinkles…

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For those who prefer a more natural alternative to botox, or, like me, have an aversion to needles, this new product by Furlesse will keep those nasty wrinkles in check.  Hypoallergenic, andsuitable for all skin types and both genders, these barely-visible patches are great before a night out or for regular overnight use.  

Simply apply the specifically designed patch to the area of concern, and the great part is, it’s practically invisible! Indeed, think of it as ‘fashion tape’ for your face.

Now you can give that annoying ’11′ in the middle of your eyebrows its marching orders!

Furlesse claims these patches could make a difference to wrinkle depth overtime by preventing repetitive facial movements and furrows from sleeping.

So pour a champers opr grab a beer, blast your favourite song, then peel, stick, try to smile.  Hot tip… don’t forget to take the thing off when you’re done. Like I said, it’s practically invisible and that you’re actually wearing the tape might just skip your mind.


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