Fouta Towels are fabulous

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Spring is in the air and Summer will rear is shiny head very soon, too, and we know you’ll be spending a lot of time during both seasons picnicking and visiting the beach. But we also know you’re not wanting to lug too much gear around. That’s where Fouta Towels enter the scenic picture.

Fouta Towels are traditionally offered at European bathhouses and are sometimes known as ‘French Towels’ or more simply, ‘Spa Towels’. They’re lightweight but durable, and can be used for the beach, pool, spa, picnic, or even worn as a sarong or blanket, doubling up, too, as a throw or table cloth. Talk about versatility!

Luxuriously large (2 metres x 1 metre), each Fouta is hand-woven from 100% Egyptian cotton and is fully machine washable. And here’s the best bit, unlike a lot of other linen, the more you use these towels, the softer and more absorbent they become!


Fouta towels are $45 each, available from

Pictured above, Cote d’Azur towel.