RIP Lou Reed – dead at 71

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Iconic punk/rock singer Lou Reed was found dead yesterday morning, 11am US east coast time. Reports state that Reed died of liver failure, following complications from transplant surgery.

The singer, renowned for his overt rock’n’roll lifestyle (read: lots of drinking and drugs), actually began settling down after his marriage to artist/singer Laurie Anderson in the early 2000s, often seen sipping cups of chamomile tea in place of bottles of booze.

Considered by fans and critics alike as the godfather of punk, Reed is most famous for his songs Walk On The Wild Side, Nightclubbing, Satellite Of Love, and Perfect Day (see our ‘Watch It’ video box).

He was also very much involved with the Velvet Underground, the band still cited as a major influence to contemporary rock acts such as The Strokes, Placebo and The Killers.

An icon in his own right, Reed’s association with luminaries such as Andy Warhol and David Bowie made his celebrity even more pronounced and his reputation even more notorious.

Tributes continue to flow on Twitter including this from actor Susan Sarandon: “NY lost one of its originals with Lou Reed’s passing. So sad. RIP.”