Freo Fest comes to life again

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Who do you know that’s made it to a hundred? This year, the Fremantle Festival celebrates its 108th year and is proud to boast being Australia’s longest running festival – of any kind. Kinda makes you wonder what did those folks on the east coast do for kicks eons ago?

Back on the west coast, there’s heaps to do at Freo Fest this year with over 100 events and happenings for you to choose from.

New to the scene is ‘Art Adrift’ in which a series of floating works created with sea-drift materials will be installed in the iconic Fishing Boat Harbour (talk about amazing recycling – see pic). And on the subject of things marine-related, there’s the regular ‘Blessing Of The Fleet’ which was first introduced in Freo in 1948 by Italian immigrants who would call on the Big Guy to bring in the big fish. These days there’s fireworks and all.

Expect, too, plenty of cool theatre, live music, and a street parade that promises to be as controversial as it is vivid.


The Fremantle Festival is on from 25 October – 10 November.

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