Interview with Perth designer Betty Tran

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Recently, Perth-based designer Betty Tran celebrated her first year anniversary. In twelve months, her label has gone from strength to strength. Cream speaks with Betty about her aspirations as a kid, and the blood, sweat and tears that go into putting together a collection.


Did you aspire to be a fashion designer as a child?

I never thought I would become a fashion designer. My mother was a tailor with 30 years experience and I used to help her a lot of with orders since I was about 8 years old… I’d help unstitch and repair garments, so for an 8-year-old girl, it was a nightmare. I still remembered one time I declared to my mother that I would never do what she did for a living. Funnily, here I am doing exactly what she did.


What is that you love most about being a designer and working in fashion?

What I love most about my job is the freedom to express myself, and the ability to communicate the vision of my brand through multiple channels. It is very rewarding to see your creations worn on the street, at events, at work.


Some people don’t realise the blood, sweat and sometimes tears that go into putting on a parade. Did you have any dilemmas or dramas backstage at the recent parade you hosted in Perth?

Indeed, there are so much sweat and tears that go into building the brand, and producing a fashion show is only a small portion of the brand-building process. There are always dilemmas and dramas backstage at every show however, the more shows you do, the more organised you become. For our recent show, the feedback was very positive [from guests and media]. We always raise the bar in what we do and aren’t willing to settle for something that only feels good to us… We look for ways to impress our guests and to be different.


WED on Beaufort did a terrific job designing the event. There was a sense of beauty, decadence and theatre in their design of the room. Would you say a similar beauty, decadence and theatre can be found in your designs?

I had a great time discussing concept with Glen and Craig from WED on Beaufort. It was meant to be… Glen understood the essence of the Betty Tran label very well and he delivers a certain sophistication, class, beauty and point of difference that is very rare in Perth. The setting was inspired from my recent trip to Paris where flowers were blossomed everywhere I went. The ‘La Muse’ SS 13-14 collection is all about promoting old-world glamour with modern twist, and I thought WED did a phenomenal job in capturing that look with their décor.


Could you describe the typical Betty Tran woman?

She’s a woman with career, adventure, romance and family. She’s confident, successful and exudes an aura that summons attention.


If you weren’t making fashion, what would you be doing?

To be honest, I couldn’t think of doing anything other than what I am doing right now. This is the only choice and I think it’s my destiny!



Above: Designer Betty Tran with decorators Craig and Glen of WED on Beaufort.