Bieber being a dick again

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We’re not sure what he’s trying to prove with all the bad-boy shenanigans but Justin Bieber is certainly getting some major PR mileage out of it.

Just after we announced his escapades in a Brazilian brothel a couple of days ago, and the noted that he was booted out of a hotel room for bringing back a couple of call girls, the 19-year-old pop icon is now wanted by Rio police for spraying a hotel wall with graffiti, and could actually be arrested the next time he tries to enter Brazil.

The singer, along with friends and bodyguards, was seen spraying giant images of dirty faces on the wall of a hotel in the city’s upmarket district of Sao Conrado. It was around 3am on Tuesday morning, and sources say the lot of them just might have been intoxicated.

The singer was reported to have stuck his middle finger up at paparrazi, shouting “Suck my dick”.

Graffiti is a crime in Brazil, and can carry a jail sentence of three months to a year. We wonder if a little time behind bars might teach Beiber a thing or two about maturity? Put him up against a few real bad boys, we say, and then let’s see him act real tough…