Four hotels with design themes that bring to mind ‘The Hunger Games’

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Australians have proven just how devoted they are to The Hunger Games series, with the second instalment Catching Fire hitting the number one spot this week, and raking in $2.72 million on its first day of release alone – coming in as the second biggest movie opening of 2013, just after Iron Man 3.

With Hunger Games fever continuing to spread like wildfire, we wouldn’t be surprised is some fans would want to bring a little of the films’ aesthetic into their travel and lifestyle.

Which is why we’re presenting this brief, cleverly curated list of hotels suggested by accommodation website, featuring international hotels that vary from gravity-defying tree houses to rooms that resemble the flamboyant colour of the residents of Panem’s Capital…


Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Anyone who has read the Hunger Games books or watched the films can remember Katniss Everdeen’s nights spent tied to tree branches, hiding from her rivals. Now travellers can enjoy a similar, albeit more comfortable, environ – at Sweden’s Treehotel (pictured, top of article). This gravity-defying stay amid the Harads’ forest allows guests to experience similar eco surrounds and rustic vibe – minus the flying arrows and tracker jackers!

Image courtesy Treehotel.



Bubble Hotel Mullihotell, Suur-Rootsi, Estonia

The Hunger Games competition places the tributes inside a dome in a remote location to fight for their lives… The Bubble Hotel in Estonia offers nomads a similar experience, sans the brutal battling. Bubble Hotel’s partially transparent bubble tent with a transparent roof, visitors will feel like Katniss and Peeta and not have to worry about hourly attacks by monkey mutations and jabberjays!


nHow Berlin, Germany

Hunger Games fans know that the Capital is a world full of extravagant luxury, bright colors and futuristic styles, the nHow Berlin hotel exudes the same liveliness as Panem’s highest-praised district.



Museum Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey

The cave where Katniss and Peeta shared their first kiss was definitely not as luxurious as Turkey’s Museum Hotel, however this cave-stay will provide the same feel. With its unique location, guests are welcomed to enjoy the panoramic view unlike anywhere else.