Soft drinks losing their fizz amongst a certain generation…

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Who do you think is more likely to enjoy a diet heavy with fizzy cool drinks: a 21-year-old dude who likes the occasional hard-partying, or a 42-year-old who knows he should probably be watching his sugar levels? Like us, you probably, guessed the younger guy, but interesting research from Roy Morgan reveals a sharp decline in sales of soft drinks to under-35s, while middle-aged Australians 35-49 are now the group most likely to enjoy a fizzy bevvy in an average week.

In the 12 months to June 2009, around 2 in 3 Australians 14-25 or 25-34 had some soft drink in an average week. By June 2013, the consumption rate in each younger age bracket had declined by nearly 10%.

Meanwhile consumption also declined among 35-49 year-olds – but only by 3% and in fact weekly intake rose slightly among those who do drink soft drinks, with 35-49 year old consumers now drinking an average of 7 glasses per week and those over 50+ drinking 6.

But don’t let all those figures do your head in – we’ll break it down for you this way: basically, it is believed the younger generation who has grown up in the information age – and an era of hype of what is good and what is bad for you – have opted for somewhat healthier options than traditional sugar (or even ‘sugar-free’) drinks, while those who grew up in an age where there was less fuss over diet have generally stuck to their soft drinking habits.

Think about this next time you crack open a Coca Cola; you might feel a bit hypocritical the next time you tell your son, daughter, nephew or niece to go easier on their cola-drinking…