International rock photographer Ross Halfin’s work takes over Aussie bars

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There’s quite possibly no photographer who has shot more rock’n’roll icons than British lens-man Ross Halfin. Since beginning his career shooting for Sounds magazine in the ’70s, then going on to start up his own mag Kerrang! in the ’80s, Ross has snapped an alphabet of rock royalty, from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. Rock Candy presents a gallery of awesome images from the man who managed to tame Ozzy Osbourne, Keith Richards and even AC/DC to sit still for the camera… if only for a minute.



Ross Halfin is exhibiting as part of ‘Red Bull Curates’ series at the following venues around the country:

SYDNEY – Earl’s Juke Joint, The Anchor, Vasco

MELBOURNE – The Attic at Black Pearl, Kodiak Club, The Beaufort

BRISBANE – The Bowery, The Lark, Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall

PERTH – 399 Bar, Ezra Pound, Helvetica

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Pictured (top of story):


“The boys had just come off stage and Daniel was lying on the floor exhausted. Their manager was really pissed off with me for coming into the dressing room and he tried to stop me from shooting them. I had to explain to him that this wasn’t my first rodeo and that this is how you get the good shots. Oh how I love band managers.” Ross Halfin


PEARL JAM – Hype Park, London

“What you don’t see in this photo are the PR people, 35 PAs, body guards, security staff, etc, standing behind me telling me I only had two minutes to shoot. Eddy told them to back off and for me to take my time. He’s a fine man and they are always great to work with. That is, when you can get to them through the entourage.”


DAVE GROHL – Thousand Oak, California

“I took this at Dave’s studio, northwest of LA, near Malibu. Underneath that stylish designer exterior still beats a raging punk heart.”



“I was asked by Guitar World magazine to shoot a cover for their millennium issue. Originally it was supposed to be Beck, Page and Clapton but the day before the shoot I got a fax from Clapton’s management stating that if he came to the shoot I had to guarantee the cover would feature Clapton and only Clapton. As you can see, I ended up shooting the cover with the other two instead.”


GENE SIMMONS – Grand Rapids, North Dakota

“He was on the phone talking to his mother and when he saw me with the camera, stuck his tongue out. I love this picture.”


AC/DC – Flick The Switch Tour 1982

“Personally I preferred Bon Scott fronting AC/DC but up to and including this album, Brian Johnson did an amazing job filling his shoes.”


KEITH RICHARDS – Main Offender Tour, Copenhagen, Denmark 1992

“I shot this at the d’Angleterre Hotel before their show that night. He came, he sat, I shot. He was very sober and an absolute pleasure.”



“I wanted a picture that really showed New York, and I suppose the Empire State building does that.”