A little extra comfort while you sleep…

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What is this kookily-shaped thing, pictured? Is it a cocoon of some exotic life form? Is it a small body wrapped in fabric and doing some avant-garde yoga poses? Nope, it is in fact a pillow. That’s right, one of those things you rest your head on in bed each night.

The difference with the ‘Side Sleeper Pro’ pillow, though, is that it does more than rest your head, with its patented design naturally helping to align your neck and back, too.
There’s a little hole in the centre of the top section where you can rest your ear, helping you position the rest of your head comfortably, and there is a longer slightly curved part at the back that runs directly down the top of your spine to help position your body for better posture.

After testing the hypoallergenic, doctor-approved pillow for two weeks, this writer can say it did actually seem to relieve a little neck and back pain, but occasionally I did miss the bigger pillow that I was used to.

Anyway, for now it’s somewhat of an alternating exercise, and time will tell if I prefer the old-school pillow or the new…

The Side Sleeper Pro Pillow is now available at Target and Big W.