So who’s up to win this year’s Golden Globes?

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This Monday, at 12 noon, Fox8 will air the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, now in their 58th year. Indeed, often mistaken for a ‘poorer’ cousin to the prestigious Oscars, the Golden Globes are actually quite revered by actors in both film and television.

Seven nominations each have gone to ‘American Hustle’, starring Christian Bale and Amy Adams in a madcap FBI corruption caper, and Steve McQueen’s ‘12 Years A Slave’, about a free black man who is kidnapped into slavery pre-civil war America.

Other films given the good Golden Globe nod include Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix as a man who falls in love with his computer, ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, a rom-com set in the ’60s folk music scene, and ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, with
Leonardo DiCaprio playing a yuppie having to deal with the stock market crash.

Films with odd travel themes made good in this year’s Globes nominees list, including the space thriller ‘Gravity’, Formula 1 epic ‘Rush’, and maritime drama ‘Captain Phillips’.

This year’s awards will be hosted by the very, very funny Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who proved so entertaining as last year’s hosts, audiences and industry members demanded they host again.

In contrast to other recent Oscar and Golden Globe hosts, they seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as many in the audience, and had no need to descend into vulgarities or character assassinations in an effort to induce laughter. Fey and Poehler are returning on Sunday night.

Actors who’ll hit the red carpet include Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench, Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Amy Adams, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Christian Bale, Leo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey and Robert Redford.