View the latest instalment of Rhonda & Ketut’s romance

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Recent food scares coming out of Bali oughtn’t tarnish our image totally of what good can come out of Indonesia. All seriousness aside, take for example the beauty of the blossoming romance between star of AAMI’s ad campaigns, Rhonda, and her Indonesian beau Ketut.

After seeing Rhonda fall into the arms of high-school heart-throb Trent Toogood, the very popular ad campaign’s producers put it out to the public on an AAMI Facebook page asking “Who’s right for Rhonda?”.

Well the results are in, with a new advert showing Ketut charming his lady again by presenting her with a diamante-studded ankle bracelet she lost on the reunion dance-floor “between Thriller and Gangnam Style”.

Click here to view it!