Kylie sexes it up big-time on her new LP

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For those of you wondering what on earth Kylie Minogue has been up to on the music-making front (and, no, that wasn’t her playing herself in the INXS mini-series but kudos to Samantha Jade for being a dead ringer), Australia’s favourite singing budgie has been cooped up in the studio finishing lots of new tunes.

She’s only just released a brand-spanking new single ‘Into The Blue’, which is as addictive as those naughty drugs that twinks and bears take to appreciate her remixes in nightclubs (not that we condone that). You can check out the lyric video here.

As for the rest of the new album, we’ve been given the tracklisting and we must say there’s going to be some pretty raunchy lyrics and videos to come, judging by the titles. To start with there are songs called ‘Les Sex’, ‘Sexy Love’ and ‘Sexercize’, making us think that Ms Minogue is happy to play the active cougar these days.

The album itself is called ‘Kiss Me Once’, and its Kylie’s twelfth studio LP to date – her first since signing to Jay Z’s cool-as subsidiary label, Roc Nation.