A ‘Kurt’, sudden, random sellout

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This month sees the anniversary of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain’s death, and already more dirty worms are coming out of the woodworks. Yet another person is trying to make a buck off of the legendary singer’s legend, with the New York Daily News reporting that a man claiming to be Cobain’s former housemate is suddenly selling what he says is a box of the singer’s “stuff” on Craigslist.

The “stuff” includes a pair of old skis, an old-school telephone, broken video game, clothing and magazines, all of which supposedly belonged to Cobain.

The online ad is pretty flip, beginning with “Hey Seattle, what’s up? I used to live with Kurt Cobain back in the 90s and have been holding on to a bunch of his stuff that he left in a box when he moved out.”

The dude then goes on to diss Cobain by adding: “He owed us rent and said he would get the box when he came back but he never came back, then when he was famous he never really talked to any of us again because Courtney [Love] never liked us but she’s a dick so no hard feelings.”

It has since been discovered the online poster’s name is ‘Alex’ and that, reportedly, he used to be a musician who played in a Nineties grunge band called Guntruck.

Whether or not the objects really did belong to Cobain is questionable, although ‘Alex’ does claim he has pictures of Kurt with some of the stuff. Oh, he also insists that he has “friends that will talk to you that will say that this is Kurt’s stuff”.

Kurt Cobain died in April 1994, presumably of suicide via a gun to the head.