Mind candy…

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The human brain truly is a remarkable thing. But so often we take advantage of this physical and neurological miracle.

Just to remind you of how amazing your brain is, have a read of the following sentence:


How’s that for genius? Your brain took the first and last correct letter of each of the above words and instantly rearranged the middle letters so that the sentence made sense.

Now if it can do that, there’s no telling what miraculous potential your brain holds.

A great book that celebrates the beauty of the brain but without the excessive scientific jargon is ‘30-Second Brain’, edited by Anil Seth. It presents 50 of the most mind-blowing ideas in neuroscience, each explained in half a minute – and none of them doing your head in like your old science teacher might have!

Beautifully illustrated with a mix of photography, drawings and handsome decoupage, ‘30-Second Brain’ makes for an attractive coffee table companion. Or you could keep it by your bedside table but be warned, it’s so fascinating a read, you’ll find it hard to put down and go to sleep.


‘30-Second Brain’ is published by Pier 9 and available through Allen & Unwin.

RRP $19.99.