Paul Walker (RIP) to still appear in new ‘Fast And The Furious’ film

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As you’d most likely be aware, ‘Fast And The Furious’ actor Paul Walker died tragically in a car crash four months ago, but now producers of the popular film franchise reveal Walker will still appear in the seventh and final instalment.

Producers were halfway through filming when Walker died from the tragic accident, deciding to put production on hold so that Universal executives could decide how to proceed, opting to use body doubles to “fill in the gaps”, along with computer generation to emulate Paul’s face and voice.

Suffice to say, it will be interesting to see how Walker’s character, police officer Brian O’Conner, is preserved in the film, while insiders say the studio is confident fans of the franchise will be happy with the results.

‘Fast And The Furious 7’ is scheduled for release April 10, 2015.