Coca-Cola unleashes major World Cup campaign

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The world’s single most highly recognised brand has just unleashed its greatest marketing campaign, aligning itself nicely with the forthcoming FIFA World Cup.

Through its ‘The World’s Cup’ campaign, Coca-Cola “invites the world to celebrate football as a force for social good” (according to the press release, anyway).

One of the key elements of the campaign is strong interactivity with audiences, with the brand promising unrivalled access, participation and conversation between football fans for this year’s Cup event. Heck, some may even get to converse with key players through social network sites such as Twitter, and Facebook.

There’s also a series of documentary-style short films, and the development of something called ‘The Happiness Flag’ which will be the largest photomosaic of its kind, to feature fan faces and messages. And of course, there’ll be a catchy commercial soundtrack to the whole she-bang with the official music anthem for the Coca-Cola 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign featuring key Brazilian artists.

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With the unofficial slogan for Coca-Cola’s latest World Cup campaign being ‘Get Happiness Rolling’, we thought we’d roll out a host of previous, official slogans the cola brand has adopted in the past.

Slogans for Coca-Cola From 1886 to 2006

1886 – Drink Coca-Cola
1904 – Delicious and Refreshing
1905 - Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains
1906 – The Great National Temperance Beverage
1917 – Three Million a Day
1922 – Thirst Knows No Season
1923 – Enjoy Thirst
1924 – Refresh Yourself
1925 – Six Million a Day
1926 – It Had to Be Good to Get Where It Is
1927 – Pure as Sunlight
1927 – Around the Corner from Everywhere
1929 – The Pause that Refreshes
1932 – Ice Cold Sunshine
1938 – The Best Friend Thirst Ever Had
1939 – Thirst Asks Nothing More
1939 – Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do, Wherever You May Be, When You Think of Refreshment Think of Ice Cold Coca-Cola (phew, that’s one long slogan!)
1942 – The Only Thing Like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola Itself
1948 – Where There’s Coke There’s Hospitality
1949 – Along the Highway to Anywhere
1952 – What You Want is a Coke
1956 - Coca-Cola… Makes Good Things Taste Better
1957 – Sign of Good Taste
1958 – The Cold, Crisp Taste of Coke
1959 – Be Really Refreshed
1963 – Things Go Better with Coke
1969 – It’s the Real Thing
1971 – I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke (part of the ‘It’s the Real Thing’ campaign)
1975 – Look Up America
1976 – Coke Adds Life
1979 – Have a Coke and a Smile
1982 – Coke Is It!
1985 – We’ve Got a Taste for You (for both Coca-Cola & Coca-Cola classic)
1985 – America’s Real Choice (for both Coca-Cola & Coca-Cola classic)
1986 – Red, White & You (for Coca-Cola classic)
1986 – Catch the Wave (for Coca-Cola)
1987 – When Coca-Cola is a Part of Your Life, You Can’t Beat the Feeling
1988 – You Can’t Beat the Feeling
1989 – Official Soft Drink of Summer
1990 – You Can’t Beat the Real Thing
1993 – Always Coca-Cola
2000 - Coca-Cola. Enjoy
2001 – Life Tastes Good
2003 - Coca-Cola… Real
2005 – Make It Real
2006 – The Coke Side of Life
2009 – Open Happiness