Fancy a fresh beer?

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What is it with beer brands getting all fancy with their brand names? From Matilda Bay’s ‘Beez Neez’ to Hahn’s ‘Vienna Red’, the labels are certainly putting the ‘boutique’ back into boutique beer. Heck, there are even a couple of bars in Melbourne calling themselves ‘Beer DeLuxe’.

Meanwhile, Melbourne beer crafters Mountain Goat have gone one step further and actually named their new amber ale ‘Fancy Pants’, using ‘Tasmanian Galaxy hops’ to give the beer a distinctive aroma and flavour.

The brew is an improvement on Mountain Goat’s original Hightail Ale, but incorporates a total of five malts generously hopped during fermentation. The result is a spicy, fruity ale, with a firm backbone. Fancy.



Mountain Goat’s Fancy Pants Beer is available from quality liquor outlets.