M.I.A. cuts killer remix; continues on Beyonce’s pro-equal pay message…

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M.I.A. has indeed been missing in action for some time, but suddenly the ‘Bad Girl’ singer is back, unleashing a radical remix – well, a track that uses an interpolation, at least – of Beyoncé’s ‘Flawless’.

Titled ‘Baddygirl 2’, the fast-paced track makes use of some of Beyoncé’s own rapping from a few years ago, interlaced with lyrics from ‘Flawless’ from her most recent self-titled album – in particular the super-ego-laden “I woke up like this” bits.

But scratch the surface of a bitchin’ tune and it becomes clear the song is a comment extrapolating somewhat on Beyoncé’s recent statement about unfair pay for women compared to that of men, throwing cryptic lines about like “We deal with boss, big and heavy like a baddy-girl” and “Men and women are fiftay-fiftay”.

The song also samples Beyoncé’s 2008 single ‘Diva’, so you can rest assured there’s attitude aplenty throughout.

By the way, the track is probably not a contrived distraction from the recent news of Beyoncé’s recent kerfuffle with her sister Solange. After all, who can come up with something this good overnight?

Hear it here and be hooked.