Radio icon Casey Kasem dies, aged 82

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You, your parents, and their parents all ought to be familiar with the name ‘Casey Kasem’. His voice was legendary on radio, having presented the infamous American Top 40 show for four decades running, and seeing it syndicated to 1,000 radio stations around the globe in 50 countries including Australia.

Sadly, Kasem passed away yesterday, aged 82, from complications related to dementia.

Not only did the guy present the world’s most famous Top 40 radio show, from 1970 through to 1988, he was also a popular voice actor for cartoons. For 40 years he was the voice of ‘Shaggy’ in the ‘Scooby Doo’ series, also having voiced characters on ‘Sesame Street’,and countless big ad campaigns for the likes of Ford, Chevron, Hoover, Heinz, Dairy Queen and Continental Airlines.

When Kasem retired from radio he handed the reins over to Ryan Seacrest, who is now of course famous as the host of ‘American Idol’. Seacrest was one of the first to tweet condolences yesterday, incorporating one of Kasem’s famous catchphrases: “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

While the veteran radio personality appeared squeaky clean on-air for the most part, there were occasions when Kasem let it rip live. Click here to hear him lose the plot over the fact that he had to regularly deliver “sad news” while coming out of “f#&cking uptempo records”.

Kasem was also married to brassy actress Jean Kasem (pictured with him, above), the actress a regular on ‘Growing Pains’, ‘Cybill’ and ‘Cheers’.

Casey Kasem leaves behind his wife Jean and their daughter Liberty, as well as three children from his previous wife Linda Myers.