Autumn Changes: Revitalising Your Wardrobe for the New Season

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Autumn is on the horizon, as is a welcome blessing for all of those who can’t handle the heat of the Australian summer. In the hotter days, there are always women’s dresses that can be worn to beat the heat, however, late autumn is where warmth is king. The downward slide into the cold, dark months of winter feels like a blessed reprieve when the forty degree weeks of February have dealt their last blows. Most of all, it is a time for new fashion, and combination trends, and dressing in layers.

Cool Colours

Autumn is great for it’s foliage.
Deciduous trees lose their leaves in autumn, and all the gold, red, brown and yellow of nature is in full force on every street corner. These colours are beautiful, and they display the true wonder of the natural colour palette, but as far as autumn fashion goes, the opposite end can often work better. Try a refreshing blue, or a silver/black combination to make yourself stand out this autumn. Dressing in the colours of the world can be fun, but blending in entirely is not what you want when you’re looking your best.

Weather-Appropriate Fashion

Dressing in layers in the cold months is great.
It allows you to gradually disrobe as the day goes on, adjusting your body temperature levels in accordance with the strength of the sun, and the bite of the wind on your cheeks. The cold days are easy to manage, and that’s what makes autumn fun to dress to, because unlike summer, all the clothing types of winter are once again a viable option. Mix up scarfs with oversized sweaters, full length jeans and boots for a robust and warm autumn look, or try a long-sleeved shirt and gloves to get full-arm coverage and fend off the jabs of cold.

The In-Between Months

Autumn is the awkward middle child of the seasons.
Summer is strong, and unbearable, and it has fun days and weeks of sunshine and blue skies. Winter is cold and dark, full of warm cups of tea, hot meals, fireplaces, and lots of clouds. Spring is like new life, greenery abound with renewed vigor and rain every other day to help everything grow. Then there’s autumn. Sort of in the middle of the others, a bit hard to plan for, nothing too extreme. Fashion is where autumn shines, as you are able to combine elements of every other months in almost any combination, try lots of things, and find some weird setups you might really enjoy.

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Recycling Summer

Finally, there is the warmth of Autumn.
The last flights of the great beast of summer spreading it’s wings feebly before it’s winter nap. These days are rarer as the season progresses, and they get less warm very gradually, but they do allow you to recycle your summer outfits for one last hurrah before storage for the year. Don’t be afraid to get back into your shorts and singlets, you probably won’t get too cold, but even if you do, it’s a rare experience for your summer outfits, and well worth the momentary discomfort for one last hurrah.
Autumn is approaching, and that means that all of the above and more is possible. Get your jumpers, jackets and gloves handy; the further in we get, the more you’ll need them.