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It’s not every day that you are able to leave behind the hustle and bustle of modern life and lose yourself completely in another world. But on a Monday evening in Perth this was exactly the sort of experience that was had at the Ellington Jazz Club.

From the very first note, folk duo Cassis (performing as a three piece with a drummer on the night) have audiences captivated with their bittersweet and haunting tales of love and loss. Heavily inspired by the French folk tradition, Cassis manage to project something timeless through their music, a certain something that is weighted in the past but is not stuck there.

With her rich and expressive voice, Cassis frontwoman Veronique Ramen, herself a French native, effortlessly conjures up the emotional gravitas and longing that is required for this sort of music. She is more than ably supported by guitarist Jon Edwards, whose delicate and understated style of playing provides the perfect backing to the lead vocals. Edwards’ voice, too, is quite something, with its smoky dryness melding deliciously with Ramen’s sweeter tones.

Interspersing folk classics with those from their own songbook, Cassis show themselves to be completely at home in this musical genre. In fact, one of the highlights of the show was an original composition, which put the some of the so-called folk standards in the shade in terms of its emotional intensity and melodic allure.

An evening spent with Cassis is time well spent, indeed. The only stresses and strains to be found here are of the musical variety.  Chris Prindiville


Cassis’ last remaining show at Perth’s Fringe World is on February 12.

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