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Call for boycott on Coopers Beer gains traction

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Coopers Light Boycott @2x

South Australian beer brand, Coopers, is being boycotted by the LGBTI community and its allies due to its parent company’s recent support of the Bible Society Australia.

Coopers have been long-time sponsors of the Bible Society, and are donating generously this year especially to celebrate the organisation’s 200th anniversary. The beer brand intends to release carton packaging featuring Bible verses (a-ha, you read that right).

Accompanying the campaign is a video from the Bible Society’s ‘Keeping It Light’ series, which features Liberal MPs Tim Wilson and Andrew Hastie discussing their opposing positions on marriage equality.

In response to the clip, many people have expressed outrage toward Coopers for supporting a religious organisation that makes explicitly political points about same-sex marriage while ‘keeping things light’.

Fair enough. Marriage equality is a serious issue on the LGBTI agenda, and not something that ought to be bandied about over a beer by a couple of right-wingers having fun with punchlines all for the sake of pushing a brand.

But then, perhaps opening debate on the issue is a good thing? Even between Christian-pushing Liberals…  Antonino Tati

Nothing to do with Coopers, but a cool beer ad, just the same.

Nothing to do with Coopers, but a cool beer ad, just the same.