Fashion designer Aurelio Costarella calls it quits

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Aurelio Costarella @2x

Western Australian fashion designer Aurelio Costarella has decided to call it a day in the fashion world, announcing his retirement from fashion this morning.

After more than three decades of creating some of the most beautiful designs to come out of Australia, Costarella, 52, has decided to end his business due to a “diabolical” retail economy, an increasingly competitive industry, and, on a personal note, to better his mental wellbeing.

Over the past few years, Costarella has been very open about his suffering from bouts of depression, regularly checking in to Perth Clinic to get away from a busy schedule and to try and help put depression at bay.

In an interview with The Weekend West, the designer said he needed to cut Aurelio Costarella the label free so that he could get more in touch with Aurelio Costarella the man.

“The decision to leave behind a career that has been my entire life for almost 34 years has not been an easy one,” Costarella told the publication. “But I realise I’ve been in survival mode for a few years now.”

Though closing his label, Costarella still hopes to create the occasional sartorial piece, or at least find another creative outlet for his passion for design.

Perth fashionistas are already reeling over the news, while fans and followers from Paris to New York are sure to also feel a little pain that one of their favourite designers is calling it quits.

Costarella’s designs have regularly featured in Cream magazine, and on behalf of contributors and the fashion industry at large we wish him all the best for a brighter, freer new-found future.  Antonino Tati