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If you enjoy the interviews you read on this here site, you’ll go gaga over a new anthology of articles being compiled by Cream editor Antonino Tati for an anthology entitled There, there’s your quote, mate being published in September, with pre-orders already proving popular.

The title of the book comes from a conversation with Nick Cave, who kicks off a series of outrageous interviews. In the interview, Tati asked Cave what he thought of Kylie Minogue, to which the muso responded:

“In my opinion, Kylie Minogue is the greatest thing that happened to Australian music. Before her, the world didn’t have a fucking clue about our music or any interest in it. She alerted the world to the fact that Australian music was a force to be reckoned with. Kylie has more greatness in her little fingernail than every fuckin’ Aussie indie band put together. There, there’s your quote, mate.”

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Indeed, some darn decent Aussie indie artists make their way into the book also, including the various likes of Abbe May (who talks feminism and the need to be a ‘bitch’ in a male-dominated industry), Tame Impala (chatting about music’s fascination with everything retro), Ben Lee (on psychedelic drugs), and The Presets (on drag costumes).

There’s also a host of international artists whose out-there quotes make for riveting reading. These include Patti Smith (on her relationships with Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix), Tori Amos (on modern girls trashing themselves), Björk (on bad haircuts), RuPaul (on gossip and bitchiness), Dave Grohl (on diehard fans), Pete Burns of Dead Or Alive (on plastic surgery), Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode (on heroin), and Robbie Williams (on putting on false masks).

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Tati also throws in a good dose of memoirs that reveal behind-the-scenes antics that will leave you in awe. Like the time he got into an argument with Meat Loaf over lyrics that could be linked to STDs, or when he passionately got with Placebo lead singer Brian Molko, or when he upset Darren Hayes over a touchy question about sexuality: all the juicy stuff is in there.

Whether it’s Dannii Minogue discussing tacky fashion, Delta Goodrem explaining ADHD, Ellie Goulding talking royals and presidents, or Calvin Harris telling us why he makes the best dance music there is, the sheer insanity and ego that runs through this book is enough to make your head spin. There’s also brilliant banter from Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Naomi Campbell, Juliette Lewis, Laurie Anderson, Henry Rollins, Deven Green, Dame Edna, Adam Lambert, Vampire Weekend, the list goes on!

An absolute page-turner, the book has a release date of September 7, 2017, with pre-orders available via a Kickstarter campaign.

Says Tati, “This anthology has been 20 years in the making and its release is perfect timing for Cream‘s 20th birthday which happens in September.

“The Kickstarter campaign is for pre-orders for readers and industry colleagues, with the book being printed in August to be sent direct to buyers.”

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The book will retail for $40 via online stores such as Amazon and Booktopia and will also be made available in physical bookstores. But through the Kickstarter campaign, which is helping fund its printing, music lovers can make the most of a huge 50% discount: a $20 pledge meaning you receive your very own copy fresh off the presses.

View the short YouTube clip above to see the full rundown of awesome artistry whose sordid stories feature within.  Lisa Andrews