Dinosaur designs

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Jurassic Creatures by Annette Mc

The dinosaurs are back, and they’re ready to rock our world.

Running at Perth’s Crown Pyramid, ‘Jurassic Creatures’ brings the past to life, with the greatest creatures ever to walk the earth now able to move among us.

As part of this amazing interactive show, patrons will be able to get up close with the fearsome Sabre Tooth Tiger, the colossal Mammoth, and that king of the prehistoric jungle, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Mammoth Jurassic Creatures by Annette McCubbin

There is also the opportunity to learn more about their 165 million-year domination and to get down and dirty as a paleontologist for a day. There will be plenty of other activities to take part in, too, including dinosaur art and craft, fossil displays and amusement activities.

Kids, big and small, are sure to be captivated by this time travel experience like no other. So be sure you get your tickets… before they become extinct.  Chris Prindiville


‘Jurassic Creatures’ is on at Crown Pyramid in Burswood, Perth, until April 30th.

Tickets available from www.jurassiccreatures.com.au.

Photography by Annette McCubbin.