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Record Store Day @2x

Lovers of vintage audio and culture ought to be rejoicing today since it’s Record Store Day, an event that has likely been underlined, circled and highlighted on their calendars for weeks.

Running since 2008, this annual affair helps fight the good fight in an otherwise hostile music market, keeping independently-owned record stores in business while paying tribute to the beauty of the vinyl record.

Growing bigger each year, Record Store Day has become far more than just about the bottom line: it provides fans with an opportunity to swap musical appreciation stories with one another, and meet some of their favourite bands and performers, while the artists themselves are able to get new material out to the people (and here’s something refreshing – on a physical format!).

So whether you’re keen to get your mitts on some rebooted classics or a batch of fresh cuts on vinyl, now is the time to go out and spend big. And with the high value of vinyl these days, consider it a great investment!  Chris Prindiville & Antonino Tati


Record Store Day 2017 happens around the world today, April 22.

For a list of locations and special releases for this year, visit