Still raging at 30

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In what began as an experiment in overnight television, Rage has gone on to become an Australian cultural institution. Over its 30 year history, this musical program like no other has brightened up countless weekend late nights and early mornings.

To mark this milestone, the ABC is inviting viewers to a ten-day long celebration. Across television, radio, in print and in person, fans will be able to relive their favourite moments on Rage and learn more about the program’s history and its influence on Australian music and culture.

Some of the highlights will include ABC TV’s hour-long documentary, Rage 30: The story of Rage, taking viewers back to where it all began, plus ABC Radio’s The Real Thing – Rage ‘Til You Puke, a half-hour special featuring interviews with musicians, personalities, producers and fans who have helped bring the program to life.

This, of course, only scratches the surface with what’s in store over the ten days. ABC TV will also be allowing fans at home to guest program an evening of Rage, plus there will be special CD and merchandise releases for the collectors out there.

Who would have thought you could be 30 and still be all the rage?  Chris Prindiville


‘Rage 30′ runs from April 14-23 across multiple platforms.

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