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Since its inception in 1985, if you wanted to know what was in style, and were lucky enough to live in the UK, you tuned into Fashion TV. Having covered sartorial events for more than three decades across more than 80 countries with leading style icons such as Donna Karan, Calvin Klein , Alexander McQueen, Naomi Campbell and a bevy of other supermodels, Fashion TV has cemented itself as the go-to place for all things on trend.

Now thanks to the wonders of technology, Australian fashionistas are able to see what the rest of the world is up to. By signing up to Optus TV, an incredible array of fashion, entertainment and lifestyle programs will literally be at your fingertips.

Exciting new shows to watch out for include the worldwide premiere of the new season of Design Genius, where designers from Los Angeles prove to us that anything is possible in the City of Angels… even style miracles! For everyday style queens, Fashion TV specials will be serving delectable treats such as Trend Watch: Womenswear for the latest trends, and Couture Market, an exclusive guide to high-end fashion for those with particular tastes.

From street style to beauty tips, to fashion weeks and red carpets, all fashion lovers in Australia and New Zealand now have access to Fashion TV’s exclusive features 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including their very own designers, stylists, and models.

Turn on, tune in, stay stylish.  Chris Prindiville


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