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Aussie Accents @2x

Paul Hogan’s ‘Crocodile Dundee’ might have introduced the U.S. to the charms of an Aussie accent but, according to a recent American study, 30 years on this love affair still going strong.

Compiled by travel dating website, the results showed that American men and women were in agreement when it came to the sound of an Australian voice: it was the only accent to figure in both sexes Top 5.

When it comes to American women, the British accent is a clear number one, but Australia still manages to take out a very impressive number 4 spot on the list. An Australian accent is even more desirable when it belongs to a woman, with American men swooning to its sound and placing it at number 3.

While the sexes can’t agree on what they find most attractive, with American men drawn to the exotic appeal of the Israeli accent, and American women taken by the class and intelligence associated with a British voice, what they can agree on is that the Aussie accent has those good vibrations.  Chris Prindiville


Sexiest Accents for Men (According to 1,423 American Women)

  1. British
  2. Scottish
  3. Spanish
  4. Australian
  5. Southern


Sexiest Accents for Women  (According to 1,164 American Men)

  1. Israeli
  2. Colombian
  3. Australian
  4. French
  5. Southern