Silly season kicked off in Perth

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With the world in such a perilous state, comedy has become a vital public service. In this crisis-filled age, being able to laugh is the only thing keeping us sane.

From April 26 to May 21, relief arrives in the form of the Perth Comedy Festival a with a lineup that includes some of the best comedic talent from around the world, audiences are sure to come away smiling.

The early part of the program has already seen master of musical whimsy, David O’Doherty, delight audiences with his take on our current situation. Not content to sit idly by, O’Doherty outlined his plans to ‘fix the world’. In the end, those lucky enough to attend were treated to a show that managed to perfectly balance earnest feeling with laugh-out-loud moments of hilarity.

Humanity might be going through a rough patch at the moment, but as long as we can laugh, everything will be alright. After all, it really is the best medicine.  Chris Prindiville


The Perth Comedy Festival runs from April 26-May 21.

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